Global Summit to Hear Billions Needed for Moms

At this week’s world summit, advocates will call for billions to reduce maternal mortality. After 40 years of stagnation, efforts are mounting against the leading killer of young women in developing nations, but the U.S. is far from the front lines.

Economic Rescue Plan Called MIA for Women

Last week the Federal Reserve stepped in to save financial giant Bear Stearns from bankruptcy. Women’s advocates say a similar rescue package must be crafted for women losing jobs and homes and facing tax payments on April 15.

Major Health Data Hits U.S. Aid Politics

The U.S. House will hold hearings soon on a policy restricting U.S. overseas family planning aid. Ahead of that, global studies released this week found lower abortion rates and shortfalls in maternal mortality targets set by the U.N. in 2000.

Girls’ Work-Day Event Grows Up, Moves On

After this week’s Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day the Ms. Foundation will hand off the initiative. The event, with 35 million now participating, has journeyed from controversy to influence over the past 15 years.

Pay Data Dispels Pop Myth of Pink-Ceiling

A contestant on “The Apprentice Los Angeles” is the latest to promote a story about the horrors of working for women. But research shows women don’t actually hold one another back; when they become senior managers, women’s salaries rise.

U.S. Plans Hubs for Middle East Businesswomen

At a meeting in Abu Dhabi, U.S. Undersecretary of State Karen Hughes called women’s expanded work force participation critical to the regional economy. She said the U.S. would help form business network hubs for women across the region.