Chile Kick-Starts Debate on Gender Quotas

Chile may be notable for having a female president, but the country ranks 14th out of 18 Latin American countries in female political representation. Congressional hearings on a gender-quota bill for political parties are stirring debate.

Chile Teens’ Sexual Health Sparks Storm

Chile’s strict abortion ban and high teen pregnancy rates have drawn international criticism, but its efforts to ward off those critiques have sparked a moral debate. Chile’s efforts to sign an international protocol may be delayed as a result.

Peru Campaign Quiet on Reproductive Issues

In Peru, which has one of the highest illegal abortion rates in Latin America, the sole female presidential candidate is out of the race and women’s groups say sexual and reproductive rights have been missing from the campaign season.

Chile’s New Sex-Harassment Law Takes Off

Three months after Chile’s passage of a law on sexual harassment officials report a big jump in the number of complaints. One woman’s testimony and lawsuit helped spur the law, which had been stuck in parliamentary debate for 14 years.

Brazil Tries to Stem Tide of Sex Slavery

Brazil is on a mission to end its status as Latin America’s largest supplier of sex slaves. In recent months the government has joined international sting operations, passed a new law and launched a media campaign.

Brazil Begins Talking Openly About Abortion

Brazil is moving to address the problem of illegal abortion, the country’s fourth leading cause of maternal death. In March the government eased abortions for rape victims and in April it formed a committee to review all its abortion policies.