Democrats Test Campus Women on Youth v. Gender

Clinton v. Obama is often reduced to a symbolic choice between race or gender. On campuses in South Carolina, which holds its primary Jan. 26, some female students say it’s between joining their generation or shattering the ultimate glass ceiling.

Colleges Go Light on Women’s Pay Inequity

Some female college grads may be in for a rude awakening. Although they have enjoyed some key measures of parity with men while on campus, new data show they can expect to earn less than male counterparts immediately after graduation.

Campus Women Wear Feminism on Their Chests

“This Is What a Feminist Looks Like” is the latest slogan to pop up on the T-shirts of young women on college campuses. While some say the garment helps strike down a stereotype, others say the dialogue is striking a discordant note.

One by One, Women Count Bylines

When Ruth Davis Konigsberg took it upon herself to start counting women’s bylines in news coverage, she was not alone. A growing community of women see byline counting as a vital step toward closing the media gender gap.