Germany in Angst Over Low Birthrate

With the German birth rate at an all-time low, politicians and demographers are wondering how to encourage women to have babies. Some say more child care is the key. Second story on the European Union, women and work.

Off-Color Fashions Accessorize Elections

A cottage industry of political T-shirts and underwear for women is springing up this election season. Designers hope that the frequently off-color fashion statements will fire up political participation by young women who didn’t vote in 2000.

Female Teens Discuss Their Self Injury

Teens who responded to a Women’s eNews’ posting on the Maryland-based Focus Adolescent Services Web site openly discussed their lives of enormous sadness, little-understood emotions and an inexplicable attraction to the thrill of self-inflicted pain.

Pro-Choice Clergy Raising Moral, Religious Voice

Pro-choice religious leaders are seeking to enter in the abortion debate with views different from the Catholic hierarchy and fundamentalist leaders. Through books and forums, these leaders are bolstering the moral argument for reproductive rights.