Afghan Women’s Liberty Remains in Peril

The Senate is scheduled to vote at the end of September on a $2 billion reconstruction package for Afghanistan, with specific allocations for the Women’s Ministry and a Human Rights Commission, as well as a call for additional peacekeepers.

Steinem, Smeal Imagine a Future for Ms.

In our final piece for Women’s History Month, Women’s Enews features the meeting of two major figures in the women’s movement for the past 30 years who are launching a new venture to take them into the next decade.

800 Events Promote V-Day from Antarctica to Zaire

Those viewing tonight’s HBO premiere of Eve Ensler’s “The Vagina Monologues” are part of a global event to fund shelters, anti-rape campaigns and women’s centers, including a communications center for the new Ministry of Women’s Affairs in Afghanistan.

Four in Congress Seek Aid for Afghan Women

Two bipartisan efforts are underway to require all U.S. post-war aid to Afghanistan address women’s needs and include women in decision-making. Bush administration has concerns about provision of comprehensive reproductive health services.