Israel’s Female Soldiers Face Military Inspection

Israel’s military has convened its first international conference to highlight women’s integration in the last 60 years. But most Israeli combat roles are off limits and activists say there is still room for progress in tackling “inbuilt chauvinism.”

Ova Donations Spur Ethical Debate in Israel

As donated eggs run low for infertile couples in Israel, a push is on to widen the ranks of possible donors. But one of the country’s oldest women’s rights groups fears the possibility of financial exploitation and wants tighter oversight.

Women Put Their Mark on MidEast Peace Efforts

Women are pushing the envelope on peace activism in the Middle East, with a nearly 30-country annual bike ride for peace that was followed within a few days by the shooting of a Nobel Prize-winning Irish peace activist at a West Bank demonstration.

Museum Commemorates Women in the Holocaust

The Yad Vashem Holocaust memorial museum commemorates the experiences of Jewish women targeted during World War II in the first such exhibit to focus exclusively on women. Some of the featured women survived the atrocity, some did not.

Middle East Leaders Appraise Pelosi’s Visit

U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Syria stirred praise and skepticism from a variety of female political leaders in the Middle East. Many hope her visit signals a U.S. shift toward greater dialogue and engagement in the region.