First Lesson on the Ways of Hollywood

Our Daily Lives page presents excerpts of women’s autobiographies, essays, letters, journals, diaries, oral histories and testimony, with the hopes our readers will respond to the authentic emotions and ideas, see a connection to their own lives, and write or email us a note. Women’s Enews will post selected reactions from our readers for all to read.This month, Our Daily Lives page brings you excerpts from the autobiography of Brenda Feigen recently published by Knopf.Feigen was among the feminist elite of the 1970s. A graduate of Harvard Law, Feigen worked with now-U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg on ground-breaking cases, including one that went to the nation’s highest court. This excerpt describes an event that occurred shortly after Feigen accepted a job as a lawyer in the business affairs department of the William Morris Agency.Excerpt From “Not One of the Boys: Living Life as a Feminist”They offered me a respectable salary and told me to let them know as soon as possible. I was excited enough about the offer of an actual paying job that I called Marc–even though we were “separated,” we were still living together–from the lobby of the William Morris building.