‘Code Pink’ White House Vigil Continues

In Washington and Albany, women opposed to a U.S. war on Iraq have embarked on vigils, fasts and a 40-day hunger strike to draw attention to their views, which they say are being drowned out by “testosterone-poisoned rhetoric.”

Many Top Think Tanks in D.C. Remain Boys’ Clubs

The all-knowing Washington, D.C., think tanks–the organizations that supply the White House, Congress, advocacy organizations, and the talk shows with policy experts and research to support the views du jour–have a mixed record of including women

Terrorism Sends Woman-Friendly Agenda Reeling

Before Sept. 11, the newly Democratic Senate with its Republican allies was going to pay attention to women. Now, action on health care, minimum wage, pension reform and bankruptcy help has been stalled by anti-terrorism and economic stimulus issues.

Social Security Changes Could Hurt Women

The first report by a presidential Social Security commission states that 15 years from now, the system will be in financial straits. Congressional Democrats and women’s advocates say it exaggerates the problems and would especially hurt women.