Women in Jazz Hit High Notes, Still Play Blues

A month-long, women-only jazz festival winding up at New York’s Dizzy’s Club Coca-Cola highlights the many talents of jazz’s female music-makers. Despite the high notes, women’s unequal status on the broader jazz scene is still being played out.

Female DJs Spin Their Way to Success

Female DJs are making it in a formerly man’s world. But while it’s no longer a novelty to see a woman on deck at a club, women still often feel pressured to prove they can spin, cut and scratch as well as the guys.

Bonavoglia Takes On the Men in Skirts

If those who fight for justice are truly blessed, then Angela Bonavoglia must be nearing sainthood. In “Good Catholic Girls,” she tells her own charged story and that of other faithful women who seek equality and reform from within the Catholic Church.