Web Sites Steer Visitors to Domestic Safety

Web pages for those escaping domestic violence are coming online all the time. One new site offers a chilling photo gallery. Another caters to those suffering violence from a law enforcer. Part of our “Dangerous Trends, Innovative Responses” series.

Latina 2008 Turnout Push Faces Uphill Effort

Hispanic women had the lowest voter turnout of any group in the country in 2006. Advocates will be watching to see if mobilization efforts can change that. Nevada’s caucus on Jan. 19 is not Election Day, but it offers an early glimpse of trends.

Parents Paint the Petri Dish Pink

Fertility technology is allowing parents to determine the sex of a child before it’s conceived and, in the United States, couples are mostly trying to have daughters in an act of family balancing. Ethicists say the practice is on slippery ground.