2 thoughts on “‘Grandma’ Needs a Makeover

  1. Today’s grandmothers are facing the same choices they had as mothers: Work outside the home to make enough money to survive or stay home and care for children without pay. The children they cared for used to be theirs; now they’re the grandchildren.

    How about a parallel piece about grandfathers? Let’s see if they’re still working and/or depended on for grandchild care. What becomes of their grandchildren when the grandfathers do or don’t pitch in?

  2. Factcheck: Streep and Warren are 69, Clinton is 71, Pelosi is 78, and Ginsburg will turn 86 on March 15.
    These women you mention in the opening of your article are not “all in their seventies.” Let’s start with the facts and move on from there, shall we? This kind of journalism is imprecise and misleading. Women of all ages deserve higher levels of integrity and accuracy when attempting to address and/or describe us.