Florida Teens Consider Campus Rape During College Application Process

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(WOMENSENEWS)– Tamara Outler is going to apply to Stanford University, even after the highly publicized reports of an on-campus rape by former student Brock Turner.

“I think it is more important to work towards making the campus safer than to stop people from applying,” the Fort Lauderdale high school student said in this video by Sierra Bardfeld and Jessica Roman.

While college admissions officers are receiving nearly 30 percent more questions about sexual assault from parents and students, according to a 2014 Kaplan Test Prep survey, not all students stigmatize specific campuses.

But some do. “If a school is known for having a lot of rapes on campus,” said student Kandaya Chin-Jackson, “then I wouldn’t go there because I wouldn’t feel safe.”

This story was funded through a generous grant from Say it Forward in support of  our teen journalists.

2 thoughts on “Florida Teens Consider Campus Rape During College Application Process

  1. This video is great and starts a really important conversation among the large number of teens who are college bound. I wrote an article recently (http://thefbomb.org/tag/college/) that I think continues this conversation and is something all high school students should read and consider. And, for those not yet going off to college, Stop Sexual Assault In Schools (SSAIS.org) offers information and resources about sexual assault and Title IX for K-12 students. And, SSAIS will soon be debuting its new educational video “Sexual Assault: Not At Our School” that will be available for free to students, schools, organizations, and lawmakers to get the facts on sexual assault, harassment, and gender discrimination.