2 thoughts on “‘My Passion, My Philanthropy:’ Lauren Embrey on Giving Bold and ‘Now’

  1. Lauren,
    Thank you for your vision, and for empowering women in so many different areas. Thank you for establishing the Human Rights Institute at SMU, for sponsoring the OpEd program in Dallas, For being there always whenever women’s lives are being improved, with the Dallas Women’s Foundation, with the Boone Family Foundation, with Human Rights Intiative and especially for being a great supporter for TMWF.

  2. Lauren thank you for the perspective you’ve offered in this piece and thank you for giving. I have personally benefited from projects you have supported. Your generosity is an inspiration and the thoughtfulness you put behind your giving is something that we can all learn from. The points you raise remind us that philanthropy and community involvement strengthens our voices and stands to re-frame the narrative that limits possibilities for women and girls. Yes, “we are well on our way!”