4 thoughts on “Why Girls’ Education in Morocco Needs More than Money

  1. When she worked with the US ‘Peace Corps’ in S E Morocco, did Sorensen learn any Arabic & Berber Language?
    Rural Moroccan girls & people don’t speak any English, even the “American ” Version of it.
    What is needed in Morocco , is the removal of a corrupt ,greedy ruling regime ,sadly backed by USA.

    When a ‘government ‘ is fairly elected by the people ,even if Islamic, USA should back it in keeping with democratic principles. There will, then, be a a government & people in Morocco truly friendly towards USA. Remember Morocco was one of the first countries to recognize USA as a ‘State’ after the US ‘War of Independence’ against England.

    • just because Morocco is close to Europe ,you expect the same level of education !! what a comparison ? I am sure you know that Morocco didnt occupy any country to become rich like US and Europe .
      who need to change the regime for Morocco to be rich, i ask him to go to Libya and Iraq to enjoy the regime change and get better education 🙂

  2. You made some point in language,Amazigh/Berber or whatever you call us can survive the Arabization only if they stay illiterate,
    I noticed that most educated Moroccan class themselves Arab, as the result many Berber Do not educate there children in order to keep their culture.