• Melissa Rowell

    That is really appalling. That is no way to talk about a woman. Whether you like her or not, she is a respected woman in politics and will possibly be our next president. These people, they act like they’re so high and mighty, but they have zero class. Republicans are reputed to be oh so religious. They turn my stomach.

  • wincky59

    If Hillary Clinton, died tomorrow, (God forbid), everyone would be saying all of the wonderful things about what a fantastic First Lady she was. They would be saying how she set a new bar for First Ladies, by running for Senator and then being appointed Secretary of State, etc… While she’s alive they are dragging her name through the mud. It’s disgusting, frightening, horrible to watch, and appalling. They should all be ashamed of themselves. Stay brave and strong, Secretary Clinton. There are people who can see through this sham. I admire your courage.

  • Lisa Marie

    Jail every single one of these treasonous fools. They are inciting murder, mob rule, and terrorism.

  • Susan Bordo

    On the subject of Hillary-hating, please do have a look at my latest Huff Po blog: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/susan-bordo-/how-to-try-a-witch-in-the_b_11074178.html.

  • Travlingypsy

    This is reprehensible. They wouldnt do this if she were a he. Trump is a narccistic, sociopath who has ruined peoples lives thru bad business deals and not paying people who he hired like arcitects and sellers of piano. LOCK HIM UP. He is the real crazy.