One thought on “Why are researchers missing signs of autism in girls?

  1. Great focus piece. A couple of things: One it’s ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) not ADS, and in the tag on FB, but not on the page for some reason, it uses the word “symptoms” instead of “traits.” Traits is more appropriate.

    I think these worries fit in nicely with research being done in Europe at the moment where actually there are a higher percentage of ASD folks who identify as, say, broad term, gender fluid or otherwise such nonconforming gender identities than those not on the spectrum (

    That study with only men is scary, I had thought we were at least beyond that stage. Look to Tony Atwood. He was sort of the first to start looking at women and girls and his goal is to use his research on women and girls with ASD and use to expand the spectrum, not just to identify gender differences. He presumes, or at least I read briefly in a radio interview transcript, that identifying those traits that have been missed in women and girls, he can probably start identifying men and boys with similar traits that were also overlooked because they didn’t match the already established criteria.