(WOMENSENEWS)—It’s that time of year again, when we look back at the stories Women’s eNews readers most read, forwarded and amplified.

Our most popular stories published in 2015 may surprise you. Here are the top five:

No. 5: In Detroit Hospital, Black Babies Are Latching On

Detroit’s Mother Nurture Project connects black mothers with peer breastfeeding counselors who offer support. Molly M. Ginty examines how this community-oriented approach is helping in a two-part series partially funded by the Solutions Journalism Network. Read the story.

No. 4: Mrs. Universe Calls Out Canada’s Neglect of Aboriginal Women

When Ashley Callingbull was crowned Mrs. Universe this year, she became the first Canadian and first aboriginal woman to win the title. My story looks at how she used the platform to call for political change in Canada and to spotlight the country’s missing and murdered indigenous women. Read the story.

No. 3: In Online Forums, Women Share Copper IUD Fears

Some women in the United States believe their copper IUD is making them sick, but their doctors disagree. Scilla Alecci explores how these women are turning to the Internet for community and advice and to alternative medicine for solutions. Read the story.

No. 2: 5 Speaking Habits That Weaken Women’s Leadership

Many women are not aware that the words they choose can make them sound like they lack confidence, says leadership coach Judith Humphrey. She provides five speaking tips to help women project more confidence. Read the story.

No. 1: I Liked My Epidural, Before I Read this Report

When Allison Stevens was in labor she welcomed the pain relief provided by an epidural. But here she flags concerns raised in a report showing how epidurals and other medical interventions in childbirth disrupt biological processes that have evolved over the millennia to support maternal and infant health. Read the story.