One thought on “In NYC, Two Moms Describe the Intimacy of #BlackLivesMatter

  1. Examine the Guardians “The Counted” data for 2015. Out of the TOTAL 38 unarmed black male shooting fatalities, 75% involve a possible life threatening action by the suspect where the cop may have believed his live was in danger. If these 28 result in a legally justified ruling, you end up with 10 incidents that are questionable.

    Of these 10 shootings the police were arrested or charged in some of them (Anthony Hill, Eric Harris [officer convicted], Walter Scott, William Chapman II, Samuel Dubose, and Paterson Brown Jr.) with the 4 other incidents still under investigation.

    To give a sense of perspective, out of a black population of 39 MILLION, there is an estimated 2-1/2 MILLION annual arrests of blacks of which 10 questionable “unarmed” shooting incidents occurred last year. Statistically, how is this proof that black lives don’t matter to police?