Mega Mailer Cover

(WOMENSENEWS)–A reader telecopied a postcard from the Philadelphia Inquirer to Women’s eNews and she was, well, outraged.

The advertisement uses the image of a female blonde office employee holding a tiny bottle that appears to be Liquid Paper, leaning over a computer screen and touching it with a tiny brush, as if to correct an error in an electronic document. Next to her, emblazoned in large type: “You Still Need Good Workers–That’s why you need us.”

On the back of the image, the advertising copy reads: “When hiring opportunities are rarer than ever, hiring decisions are more critical than ever. You can’t afford to hire anyone but the best.”

The Philadelphia Inquirer used this image and text on the front of 5,500 postcards it sent out to potential advertisers to attract them to purchase space in last week’s special “mega job” section and its related on-line site.

Women’s eNews called the Inquirer repeatedly on Friday seeking comment but no calls were returned by the publication’s staff.