Women’s eNews has learned that the “Hunting for Bambi” adult paintball business, was most likely a hoax staged to promote sales of “Hunting for Bambi” videos. After a weeklong investigation, Las Vegas officials reported that no “hunts” have ever been sold and no naked women ever shot with paintballs. We, along with other news organizations, were apparently misled by promoter Michael Burdick. He still claims to the media that the “hunts” are real.

(WOMENSENEWS)–On the outskirts of Las Vegas, an adult paintball service has turned violence against women into a sport. For $5,000 to $10,000, “Hunting for Bambi” allows men to shoot naked women with a paintball gun and receive a video of their “hunt,” reports CBS Eyewitness News Channel 8 in Las Vegas.

The women who act as targets, or “Bambis,” are paid $2,500 for a “hunt” if they escape unscathed and $1,000 if they are shot. They are naked except for a pair of running shoes and are not allowed to wear standard protective gear for paintball. The women are only now allowed to wear eye masks after the recent media frenzy and criticism from numerous women’s groups and paintball players.

“I don’t go deer hunting and see a deer with a football helmet on so I don’t want to see one on my girl either,” said Michael Burdick, founder of “Hunting For Bambi,” to CBS.

Paint balls that are shot at the women travel at about 200 miles-per-hour and are powerful enough to draw blood when hitting bare skin. Participants claim the game is “good clean fun” and not “meant to hurt anybody,” but when asked by CBS, one of the women admitted that she cried after being shot and said, “It hurt. It really hurt.”

On their Web site, the company advertises their “hunt” as “30 women ready to be chased down and shot like dogs” and sells videos of the women “mounted on the wall for all your friends to see.”

The City of Las Vegas is investigating whether Burdick’s business license for “hunting” is valid and whether he is breaking any laws by “hunting” outside city limits.