(WOMENSENEWS)-The Wisconsin Supreme Court has upheld a lower court order that a deadbeat dad who owed $25,000 in back child support must stop siring children or face prison, USA Today reported.

David Oakley, 34, the father of nine, as a result of unions with four women, must abide by the ruling for five years or face eight years in prison, the court ruled Tuesday.

Oakley’s children range in age from 4 to 16.

The four male justices on the state’s highest court issued the ruling, while the three female justices dissented, stating that it was the first time any court in the nation had limited the right to procreate based on the ability to support the child.

One dissenting judge, Diane S. Sykes, described the order as a “state-sponsored, court-enforced test for future parenthood.”

Oakley’s attorney expressed disappointment the justices didn’t consider less severe measures, such as garnishing Oakley’s wages.