(WOMENSENEWS)–The anti-choice Nuremberg Files Web site is planning to transmit live video footage from the entrances of abortion clinics, filming not only abortion providers, but also patients, whom it calls “homicidal mothers” who deserve punishment, not sympathy.

The Web site’s operator, Neal Horsley, already has published photographs of abortion providers, and abortion rights advocates have charged that the site incites attacks and murder, including that of Dr. Barnett Slepian who was assassinated in 1998 in upstate New York.

Horsley is calling for volunteers to take up video cameras for the “Christian Gallery News Service” and film women, doctors, staff, even security guards. He also is calling for information about abortion providers’ spouses, children and friends.

The anti-abortion spokesman criticized others in the movement for coddling pregnant women.

“The pro-life movement,” Horsley wrote, “has sown confusion by treating mothers who kill their children as victims who need to be ministered to rather than infanticides who must be punished.”

“Those homicidal mothers must be held up for the world to see.”

“Publishing the pictures on the Internet of the mothers who go to abortion clinics to kill their children can deter abortion like nothing we have seen since Roe v. Wade legalized child slaughter in the USA,” Horsley wrote.

“You scoff? Ask yourself this:

“If you were pregnant, would you be more or less likely to go kill your baby if you knew there was a possibility your picture might be published in a place where your friends and family and the whole world might see it? Only a liar would deny it: You would be less likely.”

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