(WOMENSENEWS)–Female genital mutilation is usually practiced in far-off countries obsessed with chastity and virginity. But in New York, Los Angeles and most likely in other major U.S. cities, a few doctors are advertising and performing the latest in intimate cosmetic surgery for women: restored virginity. The practice is not unknown in conservative countries where brides are expected to be virgins and the price of lost virginity could be ostracism, death or a forfeited dowry.

Now, here in the U.S., plastic surgeons are promising to “turn women back into virgins,” according to a televised news report.

One woman, her faced obscured, told the television camera that she completed the surgery that gave her a new hymen to make her “husband’s fantasy come true.” The report mentioned designer vaginoplasty and laser vaginal rejuvenation to rebuild the hymen, tighten muscles or cosmetically alter the labia. The procedure has its roots in transgender plastic surgery.