Dr. LeRoy Carhart is a Republican. He is a Republican gynecologist and works and resides with his spouse and children in Nebraska. He performs abortions at a clinic and is also an honorary faculty member at the University of Nebraska medical school. He also brought the case challenging what he calls “partial truth” abortion laws to the U.S. Supreme Court and got them off the books as unconstitutional.

In June, the same month that the High Court announced its decision, his state’s Republican Party convention officially noted that Carhart was being evicted from his clinic and approved the following:

“Therefore, be it resolved that the Nebraska Republican Party does not want partial birth abortionist LeRoy Carhart to relocate anywhere in the State of Nebraska. We commend and applaud every Mayor who has told abortionist Carhart he is not welcome in their community and we encourage all Mayors in Nebraska to do the same. We also implore the University of Nebraska Medical Center to immediately remove LeRoy Carhart from the University of Nebraska Medical Center faculty and to immediately stop using aborted baby body parts from induced abortions in research.”

For the record, Bob Bartee, executive assistant to the chancellor at the University of Nebraska Medical Center in Omaha, says he has not been officially informed of the effort to oust Carhart from the medical center faculty and to abolish fetal tissue research. “But the resolution comes as no surprise, since this has been an issue of the pro-life zealots from the early days,” he says.

“The position the university has taken is that Dr. Carhart provides a valuable contribution to the research that involves the use of fetal cells from elective abortions, research that saves and can save thousands of lives and helps those suffering from Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s disease, HIV-dementia and other neuro-generative disorders.”