Office Manager Keeps $100,000 Pay Check in Sight

As an office manager in a St. Louis technology company, Shawntay Nicole’s work duties have steadily increased without any increase in pay or title. To let off steam, she turns her real-life frustrations into laughs at a stand-up comedy club.

Success Today Built on Pill, Feminism, New Economy

In this excerpt from “Manning Up,” Kay S. Hymowitz gives background on modern belief that work can be enriching in, “Portrait of the Artist as a Young Businesswomen.” In the first part of the chapter, she makes the case that in the past, work failed to utilize both men and women’s capabilities.

At Welfare Hearings, Calls to Help Single Mothers

Women’s advocates are pressing a welfare overhaul agenda in reauthorization subcommittee meetings. President Obama is not expected to make major changes or raise basic funding levels, but emergency and contingency funds are being set aside.