February Films Favor Dark Fare Over Valentines

Aside from “Endless Love” opening Feb. 14, movie releases on the horizon tackle serious subject matter. “Kids for Cash” is about a juvenile court judge in Pennsylvania who was getting paid to send kids to a private juvenile detention center.

Bamboo Ceiling Is Holding Down Asia-Pacific

The business community in Asia-Pacific has many reasons to ratchet up its low numbers of women on corporate boards. Candidates are out there and available to fill the pipeline and the posts. They just need training, mentoring, networking and sponsors to become more visible.

Dreaming of Paid Leave? It Could Come True

Sen. Gillibrand and Rep. DeLauro recently introduced a bill that could end the intolerable choices so many working families face when a baby is born or a family member falls ill. Twelve weeks of partially paid leave would help untold numbers of women keep their jobs.