Hyde Amendment Woke Up the Activist in Me

Passage of the Hyde Amendment was Merle Hoffman’s political wakeup call. In this excerpt from her upcoming book, “Intimate Wars,” she looks at how the amendment widened the gap between rich and poor women, further fueling abortion politics.

Death Threats, Via Text Msg, Scare Congo Reporters

Three female radio reporters in Bukavu, in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, have received death threats via a cell phone text message. That’s spreading a chill in a city where three male journalists have been killed since 2007.

Clinton Leaves Her Mark on Congo’s Rape Zone

In the aftermath of Hillary Clinton’s recent trip to the Democratic Republic of Congo, women’s rights and safety activists in Congo and Uganda reflect on the hope she leaves behind in one of the world’s worst rape zones.

New Fighting Escalates Rape in Eastern Congo

Military operations and rebel reprisals in eastern Congo — plus corporate mineral interests — have fueled a surge in sexual violence since January this year. Activists are pushing to hold rapists and companies accountable.

V-Day Spotlights Congolese Women Torn by War

For its 11th year, V-Day is focusing on women in the eastern part of the Democratic Republic of Congo whose bodies have been torn apart by armed men’s sexual violence. Beneficiaries include Panza Hospital and UNICEF.