Mom and daughter

We Celebrate a Variety of Views of Motherhood

Motherhood is warm and cozy some of the time. But it can also mean joining the feminization of migrant workers, struggling with the costs of child care, wishing for paychecks that aren’t fake. Here’s a sampling of stories from our archives.

Mom and baby

Dear Mom, Thanks for Nurturing the U.S. Economy

Some mothers will be getting a fake paycheck from their kids this Sunday. Nice, but here’s what we really need: tax credits for caregivers, more investment in child care and early childhood education, programs such as parental leave.

World's Best Boss

Let’s Take Luck Out of the ‘Boss Lottery’

Today–National Boss’s Day–belongs to that critical person in the life of a working mother who provides the flexibility we all need. The author found a pair of winning-ticket bosses, but U.S. working mothers should not have to rely on the luck of the draw.

Baby in diaper

Change Those Diaper Rules; Once a Day Not Enough

(WOMENSENEWS)–Babies need diapers — and so do their parents. Even in developed countries such as the United States, though, this basic need goes unmet. When this happens, babies become unhealthy and their parents also find it harder to break loose from the chains of poverty. Does that link shock you? California Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez does not think so.

Postmortem Fame, Public Shame for Black Mothers

Black women are hardly ever on the cover of commercial publications or standing in front of television cameras with a sea of microphones in their faces unless they are famous actresses, entertainers, public figures–or their sons were murdered.