Manju Devi is Jaipur city's first female train porter.

Widow Joins All-Male Ranks as Railroad Porter

Defying extremely rigid gender-based traditions, a 32-year-old Rajasthan widow left her village and broke into the all-male ranks of railway porters in the capital city of Jaipur. Now she’s planning a better life for her children.

Sumati Das, an auxiliary nurse midwife, counsels Aniya Mohanty and her husband on the importance of prenatal immunization in Jamarasuain village, Odisha.

India’s Men Assist Maternal Health Campaign

Women are running the “cold chains” crucial to the success of any immunization drive. They’re also administering the medicine, keeping track of records and swaying male attitudes that seemed unalterably opposed just 10 years ago.

Indian Courts Prop Door Open for Rape Survivors

India’s Supreme Court chief justice has promised to direct courts to translate legal advice booklets for rape survivors into local vernacular languages. Amid declining rates of conviction and a dismissive atmosphere, survivors are turning away from the system.

Philippine Sex Ed Comes Via Video and Text Message

With quicker feedback on how fast and widely online messages are shared and which videos are popular, reproductive health advocates in projects in India and the Philippines see social media powering a spread of information, changing attitudes and behavior.

Indian Women Channel Rape Outrage into Elections

For the first time, 350 women’s and civil society organizations in the influential state of Tamil Nadu are uniting against national parliamentary candidates who are “gender unjust.” Their coalition demands rights to land, education, livelihoods and safety.