Kerry and Women: Too Little, Too Late

In an election that was anything but average, the voting gender gap nonetheless narrowed to its average distance. Analysts puzzle over why this happened and what it means for future candidates and campaigns.

Women’s Vote in 2004 Remains Great Unknown

From cell phones that leave many young women out of pollsters’ reach to disputable theories about a “marriage gap” and how the war is affecting female voters, pollsters wonder where the powerful women’s vote is heading in this election.

Debate on Naming Rape Accusers Continues

A columnist for the Poynter Institute has resigned over a decision by the institute delete the name of the Kobe Bryant’s accuser in her column. The resulting uproar has caused many to look once again at how the media handles sexual assault cases.

Republican Platform Gives Choice a Vague Nod

While holding on to anti-choice language, the Republican platform committee has added “open-door” language to the preamble of the party’s platform, which some moderates say may be the first step towards changing the party’s rigid stance. Others are irate.