About Women’s eNews: What Editors and Journalists Are Saying

The Nation

“I think Women’s eNews is a terrific resource. I often see stories here before they appear elsewhere and have found talented writers too.”
–Betsy Reed, senior editor

National Public Radio

“Always trolling for news that I cannot find elsewhere . . .”
–Cathy Shaw, news editor, national desk, National Public Radio


“I start every day by reading your stuff and, as I said, have become particularly dependent on Outrage of the Week. From a grateful reader.”
–Anna Quindlen, columnist

The New Republic

“I just like getting as much women’s news as possible, since there is so little of it in the regular press, and so little discussion on TV.”
–Sarah Blustain, managing editor


“Every week, when we choose topics for To the Contrary (the nation’s only woman-owned, all news analysis program, which airs on PBS) we go to your site to get clued in on what’s going on in the women’s community. We cover all issues affecting women, children, families and communities of color. You are the only site on the web that keeps intelligent, involved, informed women up to date on public policy issues that affect their lives. Please keep up your important work! Cheers and thanks!”
–Bonnie Erbe, host and producer, To the Contrary

The Price of Motherhood

“I read Women’s eNews faithfully, and use its wonderful insights and news in freelance articles for newspapers and magazines, as well as lectures all over the country. Indispensable!”
–Ann Crittenden, author

Washington Post

“I read Women’s eNews daily to learn about women’s issues here and around the world. It serves an important need because political and foreign reporters tend to be male and bring a male viewpoint to their coverage; that is, they seem blind to the gender issues underlying many disputes. Unfortunately, women reporters at most mainstream publications aren’t doing enough to raise the issues either. I also forward items from Women’s eNews to my family and friends, including other journalists.”
–Kirstin Downey Grimsley, reporter

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