Organizations can play a vital role in changing harmful social norms. In operational contexts where gender inequality prevails, they can use their leverage to promote gender equality inside and outside its walls. For example, they may be confronted by situations in which social and cultural norms or practices are commonly characterized by unequal power relationships, gender discrimination and other inequalities. Organizations are therefore in a unique position to identify, prevent, and mitigate the ways in which business activities may affect women differently, including intersectional dimensions. Further, they can also use their influence to promote human rights and contribute to redressing gender inequality.

That is why, in 2022, Women’s eNews is planning to honor more for-profit and non-profit organizations than ever before at an historic Gala to take place on October 26th at The United Nations in New York City.

If you believe your organization has what it takes to be honored as a ’21 Leader for the 21st Century’, please request an application by emailing [email protected]. The deadline to apply is July 15th.