In honor of Mother’s Day, mothers and daughters can now explore this special relationship…

It was just three ago when I signed up for a writing workshop with author, speaker and writer, Amy Ferris. It turned into my first of many, since it allowed me to honestly, and transparently, write about my relationship with my mother. I left feeling lighter, freer, empowered.

Knowing and understanding our relationships with our moms and, in turn, our daughters, provides insight into who we are, often releasing previously untapped creativity. With annual Mother’s Day celebrations just behind us, these feelings in us are now even more fresh, raw and, even, pure.

Here’s a little bit about the workshop, and you can learn more by clicking the link below:

Saturday, May 15: This class features two mother/daughter duos who have made their mark in writing and production. Legendary television writer and producer Marta F. Kauffman and her daughter Hannah Canter are a real-life creative team on the hit series Grace & Frankie and Marta’s company Okay Goodnight. And Carol Jenkins and her daughter Elizabeth Gardner Hines co-authored the book Black Titan: A.G. Gaston and the Making of a Black American Millionaire. They’ll share their stories of collaboration, along with writing prompts about the conversations you had—and didn’t have—with your mother or daughter.

Sunday, May 16: Kristine Van Raden and Molly Davis, co-authors of Letters to Our Daughters (featured on Oprah), will lead a discussion on writing about and to your mother or daughter. And Alka Joshi, author of the New York Times bestseller The Henna Artist, will share an intimate look at getting to know her mother as the two traveled to their native India for Alka’s book research. These celebrated authors’ prompts will help you use writing as a tool for understanding, healing and celebrating one of the most essential relationships a woman can have.

The weekend will include plenty of writing prompts, Q&A and opportunities to share your writing within a creative and supportive community.

Learn more by clicking here