The 4th Annual Campus ERA Day, an event to raise awareness about the need for women’s equality to be guaranteed by the US Constitution, will take place over ZOOM today, April 27th at 6:00 – 7:30 pm EST.

To join the ERA Coalition for Campus ERA Day for a terrific discussion of the Equal Rights Amendment, please RSVP here or join the night of the event by Zoom or Facebook Live to tune in. It will swing into action with some of the major participants in this year’s big successes: Virginia becoming the 38th and final state needed for ratification–and the House of Representatives dissolving the time limit in the introduction of the ERA. There’s so much more to be done to get our 28th Amendment–and these panelists can tell us how to get there.

*The event is conducted in partnership with the Grove Fellows based at Roosevelt House Institute of Public Policy at Hunter College. ERA Coalition Co-President Jessica Neuwirth, who is also Director of the Human Rights Project at Hunter started ERA Campus Day four years ago–and its DC and Advocacy Director Bettina Hager and Carol Jenkins, Co-President and CEO
of the ERA Coalition are pleased to be Grove Leaders this year, helping the Fellows put on the event. We are now taking students through the Zoom process–students from states like Hawaii, Missouri, Mississippi, South Carolina Texas and Iowa who are joining us Monday. We are excited that this year we have many high school students joining the conversation, including panelist Rosie Couture–a high school sophomore–who leads Coalition Lead Organization Generation Ratify, representing some 800 ERA focused students across the country.