Electability, Likability or True Ability?

Elizabeth Warren has written 11 books, and Kirsten Gillibrand speaks fluent Mandarin. Still, we hear much more about how Beto O’Rourke likes to read, and how Pete Buttigieg speaks Norwegian.

These are just a couple of examples of how the national, mainstream media is more prominently covering male presidential candidates than female presidential candidates. In fact, one of the top female candidates, Kamala Harris, is being eyed more as an ideal Vice President, even though she is not campaigning for that position. This bias must stop, if we are to elect the best possible Democratic candidate, regardless of gender. And now Women’s eNews is doing something about it!

Lori Sokol, PhD., Executive Director and Editor-in-Chief of Women’s eNews, and Amy Ferris – writer, author, screenwriter, Editor, columnist and all around women’s champion – are teaming up to bring you a new monthly series, The Ovary Office, which will report on the true qualifications and accomplishments of each female presidential candidate, rather than her electability or likability, which too often takes precedence in traditional coverage of female politicians. Amy Ferris, with her usual fierceness, will interview each candidate about her expertise, policies and goals for the future of the United States with accuracy, honesty and transparency, which both Women’s eNews and Amy Ferris are known for.

We all know that presidential candidates rely heavily on major media coverage to get their messages across, and Women’s eNews, with a global readership of over 2.5 million, is dedicated to helping them get the coverage they deserve.

Watch for the series launching on Friday, June 7th!