3 thoughts on “Women and Girls Must Be at Center of Any Refugee Response

  1. Excellent article, and it’s about time that we starting understanding the reality of women’s lives in humanitarian settings.

  2. Very good article! It spells out clearly why women´s rights, as well as investments in, and protection of their sexual and reproductive health, are so important. I really do hope that the leaders participating at the Summit will commit to making a change for all these women and girls in humanitarian settings!

  3. Interesting piece. All too often the debate around sexual and reproductive health takes place in a vacuum, without focusing on the impact the denial of access to SRH services can have on the lives of women and girls. Female refugees face multiple and intersecting forms of violence and discrimination and this can only be addressed through a holistic approach. I agree with the author that, somewhat counter intuitively, this holistic approach can only be secured through dedicated and specific policies and programmes to address the many challenges, including SRH needs.