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NEW YORK (WOMENSENEWS)– For the third year in a row, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer-identified people have faced disproportionate rates of violence finds a report a published this week and named Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, and HIV-Affected Hate Violence in 2013.

The report said 55 percent LGBTQ and HIV-affected identify as assault survivors.

The report, published by the National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs, analyzes how gender identity impacts transgender people, specifically transgender women of color, who are more likely to experience violence and police brutality.

Out of all the groups surveyed in the report, transgender women and transgender women of color were most likely to be homicide victims.

Transgender women and transgender people of color are the most likely to be targets of police brutality. Both groups are six times more likely to experience physical violence from police officers among all LGBTQ-identified individuals.

Although a large number of LGBTQ individuals have reported harassment and sexual violence to police, only 24 percent of these hate violence incidents were classified as bias crimes in 2013.

In 2012, the number of incidents classified by the police as bias crimes was 77 percent, the report adds.

According to the report, immigration status is another factor in hate crimes. Immigrant LGBTQ and HIV-affected survivors were 3.4 times more likely to experience sexual violence.

Nicole Deniflee is an Editorial Intern for Women’s eNews.

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