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Photo Shoot Set. Model: Xavier Williams

Credit: Courtesy of Hunks4Hope

NEW YORK (WOMENSENEWS)–Ask Lila Green what a calendar full of half-naked men has to do with fighting domestic violence and her answer is simple: “As far as I am concerned–and everybody else is concerned in this world–sex sells. So why not make money out of it and give it to a good cause?”

The Brooklyn jewelry designer and author of recently launched a project called as a collaboration among male models, designers and photographers to raise awareness about domestic violence and provide charity to survivors. The calendar at the heart of the project features six sexy male models in an array of provocative poses.

Green plans to spend some of the proceeds from Hunks4Hope on style makeovers and photo shoots for residents of battered women’s shelters in New York. She wants to give “an amazing time to the women . . .to feel safe, beautiful and just feel loved.”

Green is a survivor of domestic violence. She is no longer a victim, she says. “I have emerged with my life and I feel I am a better person because of what happened to me. Although it was a negative and horrible experience, it taught me to appreciate and celebrate my life.”

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