2 thoughts on “Black Moms Are Raising Volume on Breastfeeding

  1. It’s very encouraging to hear about organizations that are supporting families within the African American community to breastfeed; while wading through the struggles of cultural myths and incorrect information. Our families need personalized support that addresses negative comments, assumptions, and cultural myths and misinformation that stem from our history while educating families on the importance of and technical aspects of breastfeeding. Soul Food for Your Baby strives to make breastfeeding a normal, positive and healthy aspect of our community through culturally competent media campaigns and education. We look forward to hearing great things from a Table for Two and other partners across the nation.
    Lydia O. Boyd, CLE
    Board Chair, Soul Food for Your Baby

  2. Breastfeeding ROSE Charlotte Launch
    Saturday February 16, 2013 1:30-3:00p
    Presbyterian Hospital
    200 Hawthorne Lane
    Charlotte, NC 28204

    There is exciting work being done at The Center for Women’s Health & Maternity Services to improve outcomes for mothers and babies. An area of focus is the gap in breastfeeding rates amongst African American women.
    This event is a part of Presbyterian Hospital’s Baby Friendly Initiative community resource and will launch the
    biweekly support group to be held at The Center.

    We invite you to join us for the Breastfeeding ROSE Charlotte Launch

    Expectant Families, New Families, Educators,
    Lactation Consultants, RNs, Midwives, Drs.,
    Social Workers, Peer Counselors, Clergy,
    Mom Groups, etc.

    Guest Speaker: Kim Bugg, MSN, MPH, is President and CEO of Reaching Our Sisters Everywhere Inc. (ROSE),
    a nonprofit in Atlanta developed to decrease breastfeeding disparities in the African American community.

    IBCLC Lactation Consultants will be available to answer questions after speaker

    Light Refreshments

    Your presence will be valued and will enrich this event through enhancing the impact on mothers, babies and the community and the diversity of the audience represented.