3 thoughts on “Lactation Consultants Need to Diversify Yesterday

  1. Dear Kimberly,

    Thank you for so frankly speaking the truth about the lack of diversity in the ILCA. As a future mom who hopes to breastfeed (and is thus not involved with lactation organizations yet), I knew of the disparity but was unaware of the passivity and ignorance of the leadership. I support your efforts, let me know how I can help.

  2. I agree Kim it is sad not having enough IBCLC of color in the US.
    I would like to know myself how many so can we ask each state to contact you with info and we can tally up.
    I really encourage nurses to start the pathways right away.We are checking into a Associate Program at the colleges to help in Indy.
    But the best thing is to keep each other informed.Each one teach one,even if you take baby steps,know where you want to go with breastfeeding career.
    Thanks for putting this on front burner.

  3. Greetings beautiful ladies! I want to applaud Kimberly Sears Allers for all the work you are doing around breastfeeding in our community! My name is Kimberly Durdin and I am a IBCLC and yes, I’m black:) I’ve been an IBCLC for 10 years. There are many reasons why there aren’t alot of LC’s who are black, however, I think there are many more black Lc’s then we can readily identify. Many of these LC’s work in hospital and not private practice. We have black Lc’s in WIC as well. However, it is true that our numbers are small, but growing! When I first moved to California, I was one of the few…I knew of no other black LC’s (although that does not mean that there were none) In the last 7 years I have seen our numbers grow. I know of several black women who just recently took the exam, and several who took the exam last year and are now board certified! This is a great conversation to start and I’d be delighted to see how we could come together to increase our numbers. Here are some of the LC’s of color I’ve had the pleasure of knowing over the years…some have mentored me, and some I’ve mentored along the way.
    Egundu Inuha-IBCLC, NY (former board member of iblce)
    Gwendolyn West, IBCLC, Wash DC
    Dr Michal Young, Neonatologist, IBCLC, Wash, DC
    Lola Ogunbade, IBCLC, Maryland
    Chantelle Parker, IBCLC, CA and her Mother,Glenda Randolph Bates, IBCLC, CA
    Devona Robertson, IBCLC, CA
    Devonna Bell, IBCLC, CA
    Wanda Kenlow, IBCLC, CA
    Mikki Jones, IBCLC, TN
    Angela Damon, IBCLC, CA

    and I know more! I also now some IBCLC canidates that sat last week, including Yolanda Fortin and Sherry Payne! So we are out here, our numbers are growing and will continue to grow, Goddess willing!