One thought on “CO2 Releases Wary Talk of Population, Gender

  1. Women are not responsible for climate change due to numbers of children; this is blaming the victims!
    CLimate change industrial causes result from scientists and industrialists and advertisers and retailers who all want more profits and more development, and convince consumers that we need all these things.
    Human creativity at all levels can use a lot or a little of natural resources. The classical idea is to ignore the problem of how much is used, and ‘go for it’, using whatever is most needed to accomplish what you want to accomplish. Thus, the higher levels of anything may use the most resources, and we applaud them. Once again, this has nothing to do with numbers of children, but, with kinds and amounts of resources chosen. If you value material goods, you will use a lot of them, whoever you are and however many children you have. If you value other ways of being a family, with little emphasis upon material goods you may use much less, in a large family, than another family with 1 or a few children.