You caught Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s call to action to decrease sexual violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo? Now catch our dedicated coverage of the situation.


Christine Schuler-DeSchryver

Women’s eNews has focused on the Democratic Republic of Congo for over a year as the use of rape as a tool of war has grown uncontrollably and the reporting in much of the media on the subject has dwindled. We have reported on the effects of rape, the social situation in which such violence has flourished and those making a change, like the radio reporters in South Kivu. Clinton even highlighted the dedication of anti-rape activist Christine Schuler-DeSchryver, one of the
2009 Women’s eNews 21 Leaders for the 21st Century, by listening to her experience on the subject.

“Madame Secretary,” she said, “we want you to be our spokesperson, our voice.”

Clinton Presents Plan to Fight Sexual Violence in Congo

As the White House unveils their $17 million plan to help combat sexual violence in Eastern Congo, take some time with us to refresh your knowledge of this situation.

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