Funding Serious Change for Women’s Lives

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Funding Serious Change(WOMENSENEWS)–Philanthropy is taking on a feminine influence.

In recent years, wealth has increasingly shifted into the hands of women, and in the United States, 51 percent of all assets are currently held by women. In turn, they are beginning to supporting institutions that benefit women and tackle the issues that affect them.

Among these benefactors is Helen LaKelly Hunt, founder of The Sister Fund. Hunt says she has been inspired by the transformative powers of donating money and joined with Women’s eNews to sponsor a series of essays from female philanthropists who have given at least $1 million to help other women.

Their personal stories provide others with the inspiration to join in and make donations of any amount to discover the link between giving and receiving. The essays reveal the transformations these gifts enable and how both individuals and women collectively can move forward and improve their lives. And, many hope, the fate of the world.

One thought on “Funding Serious Change for Women’s Lives

  1. I wanna share my opinion regarding to this specific article. I think Women deserve to what they are getting right now. Despite of holding lots of responsibility, they very much productive, they knew how to manage things, budgeting and saving. If they said that Women are just influenced to achieve who and what they are right now, I guess that’s completely wrong. And it doesn’t mean that being a feminine well being, you are just on a throne doing nothing at all, they’re not. They are even strong than a man.
    We are glad that, there are them contributing and sharing what they have.

    Darren @ female entrepreneur coaching organization.