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Here at Women’s eNews, we hope you have Women’s Equality Day, August 26th, marked on your calendars. Eighty-seven years ago, on August 26, 1920, women gained the right to vote in the United States–because a single Tennessee legislator switched sides at the last moment.

To salute this historic event and Women’s eNews’ unfailing efforts to report the issues that directly impact women during each election campaign year, Women’s eNews is hosting our first ever Women-Wise Election Coverage Campaign.

The election coverage campaign supports our mission to provide women and their allies the information they need to fully participate in every aspect of civil society; nothing could be more crucial to the mission than our coverage of political campaigns.

Please support our women-wise election coverage. Women’s eNews has a special gift for our first 75 donors of $19.20 a month, commemorating the year we gained the right to vote in the United States (or a one-time gift of $230). Those who give $1,920 will be called on election night by Editor in Chief Rita Henley Jensen and read the election results in the races of their choice.

Here is our commitment to you:

  • We will keep you fully informed on the candidates’ positions on issues directly affecting women during the incredibly important 2008 election campaign. Plus, we will closely watch for ballot initiatives that call for restricting women’s rights.
  • We also will home in on congressional and state house races where women are running or where women’s rights are key issues.
  • On election night, we will post the election results as they are finalized or even later. (U.S. Senator Maria Cantwell’s election in 2002 was not confirmed until Nov 23, 2002).

We think our election coverage is among the most important journalism we do. We hope you agree and support it by donating today to support our Women’s Right to Vote Campaign coverage. The first 75 donors who pledge $19.20 per month or $230 will receive The Perfect 36: Tennessee Delivers Woman Suffrage (paperback).

The book is written by Carol Lynn Yellin and Janann Sherman. It brings to life the struggle of suffragists to earn women the right to vote which culminated with the final vote needed for ratification in the Tennessee Legislature. The Perfect 36 gives voice to those who were for and against the right of women to vote with a richly illustrated volume. The authors provide a great deal of writings of those who were involved in this important movement along with pictures and cartoons to give a vivid sense of what it was like to win enfranchisement.

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    Rita Henley Jensen,
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