Sandra Day O'Connor

Justice Sandra Day O’Connor’s moderate judicial perspective made her vote critical in the most significant cases of her era–from abortion rights to affirmative action. Although Republican of a conservative political background and appointed by President Ronald Reagan, she often supported the rights of women and minorities.

Women’s eNews asked its legal affairs reporter Cynthia L. Cooper to select and briefly introduce the opinions written by O’Connor in the decisions that shaped so many American’s daily lives. They are now available as O’Connor’s Legacy: Landmark Decisions on Rights for Women and Minorities.

The special edition document provides the unedited opinions of Justice O’Connor for twelve landmark cases on Women’s and Minority rights issues. It also includes: an introduction by Jane Stromseth, professor of law at Georgetown University and former clerk to Justice O’Connor and 14 archival photographs.

O’Connor’s Legacy can be purchased as a paperback book or as a PDF document.

Look inside O’Connor’s Legacy

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