Rita Henley Jensen


(WOMENSENEWS)–As I write this, my heart is filled with optimism and cheer. Yes, I hear, read and watch the news each day and often react with deep sadness.

Yet, being editor in chief of Women’s eNews permits me to feel the pulse every day of the movement that promises to change everything for the better – the global women’s rights movement, pushing for women’s full participation in every strata of and sector of society – and I’m proud to know that Women’s eNews gives impetus to that movement.

Women’s eNews Is Global

Some examples: At another organization’s fund-raising dinner, I sat next to a prominent activist from India who assured me, “Everyone in India reads Women’s eNews.” An over statement, yes. But when a Hungarian journalist visiting her family in New York stopped by our offices, she also told me that “everyone in Hungary reads Women’s eNews.” And, the head of a major U.S. women’s research institution recently told me, “Women’s eNews has single-handedly put women’s issues on the national agenda.”

Of course, many institutions have contributed to the growing awareness of women’s issues, but Women’s eNews has certainly played a very significant role. We are the perfect medium to serve the need for news about the issues that affect women’s lives. The Internet is the preferred source of news for the young and it is often the only source of news about women for many here in the United States and across the globe.

Women’s eNews Reaches Internet Generation

During the March for Women’s Lives in April, when I walked from one end to the mall to the other, I soaked in the thrill of knowing that the new generation of U.S. women are willing to fully participate in our political system on the behalf of women.

As a nonprofit reliable source of news, like a National Public Radio for women, we are able to meet this need only because of the generous support from people like you.

Two-Thirds of Funding Comes from People Like You

Fully two-thirds of our funding comes from individuals. I know that you share our commitment to the well-being of women and that you understand the immense value of our news service to women and the men who care about women everywhere.

I hope you will help support our work as 2004 draws to a close by making a generous donation. Many thanks and we wish you and your family a happy and healthy holiday season.


Rita Henley Jensen Editor in Chief

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