(WOMENSENEWS)–Several members of Congress this week demanded an investigation into the Justice Department’s deletion of over half of a report evaluating its success in diversifying its attorney work force. This is the most recent development in an uproar that the Justice Department has been trying to avoid for over a year.

In June 2002, consulting firms KPMG Consulting and Taylor Cox and Associates released a 186-page report analyzing their findings on diversity in the Justice Department. The report had been commissioned by the department to evaluate its record on gender and racial diversity in the attorney work force. After blocking its release to the public since its completion, the department belatedly posted a censored version on its Web site last month.

Russ Kick, editor and publisher of the Web site, The Memory Hole–a site dedicated to exposing publicly inaccessible documents–was able to quickly electronically reinstate the deleted portions immediately after the Justice Department posted the censored report. Statistics initially omitted by the department include:

  • 39 percent of women believe they can openly express dissent in the workplace compared to 53 percent of men;
  • 56 percent of women believe people at the Justice Department were valued compared to 76 percent of men; and,
  • 62 percent of women are less likely to believe there is fairness in case assignments at the Justice Department compared to 87 percent of men.

The report also found that minorities–female and male–found the work environment substantially less tolerant than women overall. An overriding theme, according to the Justice Department report, was that women and minority men were less likely to be satisfied in their work environment at the department.

— Carline Bennett.

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