(WOMENSENEWS)–A Long Island, N.Y., landlord who secretly filmed a female tenant was sentenced to probation, community service and a fine of $1,468, the New York Post reported.

William Schultz rented a room in his house to Stephanie Fuller in the summer of 2001. In November of that year, Fuller and her boyfriend discovered a small camcorder in the smoke detector in her room, with cables leading to Schultz’s room. Local police discovered another camera in the bathroom.

Because Schultz owned the home in which he rented the room, he had a legal right to film others in his home, and therefore could only be charged with trespassing, the Post reported. The judge expressed regret at the light sentence Schultz received, according to the Post.

Fuller told the Post that she overheard Schultz’s lawyer, Eric Naiburg, commenting after the trial that he was “going to have to hook up my own video camera.” When Fuller confronted him about the comment, he apologized and said he didn’t see her standing there.