(WOMENSENEWS)–An ad published in daily newspapers and elsewhere pictures a woman posed on all fours to promote a herbal product that claims to be a “revolutionary new all-natural breakthrough” that allows users to “easily quit smoking in just 7 days.” The model is posed on all fours, chest forward, rear in the air and clad only in black lace bra and panties. A black mask obscures her eyes. The headline reads: “Non-smokers turn me on!”

Workers answering the toll-free sales line said Cigarid is a product of Vision Laboratories in Eliot, Maine. Officials from the company did not return repeated calls seeking comment or explanation about the advertisement or even information about the company or its product.

The company, also known as VisionTel Communications LLC, has posted its mission statement on a job seekers’ site on the Web. The company’s mission, it says, is “to develop, market and distribute quality products in a profitable, coordinated, inspired and meaningful way.”— Cindy Richards.

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