(WOMENSENEWS)–Oscar Muzquiz longs for the days when men were men and women served their huevos rancheros with freshly made tortillas.

Co-host of “Educating Your Woman,” a daily radio show broadcast from Monterrey, Mexico, to tens of thousands in northern Mexico and southern Texas, Muzquiz incites his male listeners to “Wake up, rise up . . . and change your life!” the Christian Science Monitor reported. He’s also seeking nominations for “La Fodonga del Ano”–The Female Slob of the Year.

To qualify, women must exhibit all characteristics of the archetypal lazy housewife: sleep until 9 a.m., serve only packaged foods, watch television all day and rarely shave their legs. Muzquiz also rails against “shameless” women who work outside the home, live independently and exercise sexual freedom. He told the Monitor that Mexican women are increasingly confusing “liberty with licentiousness” and that Mexican men are turning into “mandelones,” Mexican slang for browbeaten wimps.

And he lays the blame north of the Rio Grande.

“American women are building their lives alone, just to work, and sleeping with men only to toss them away like dirty diapers,” he told the Monitor.

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